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The Royal Australian Historical Society

President: Hon. R. J. Black, M.L.C.
Hon. Secretary: K. R. CRAMP, M.A.
Hon. Treasurer: W. WELCH, F.R.G.S

This Society was founded in 1901 to encourage the study of Australian History. To this end, monthly lectures are given and discussions held in the Assembly Hall of the Education Building, Bridge Street, and excursions are arranged periodically to visit spots of historic interest. The papers read before the meetings of the Society are printed and distributed to members. The Society has taken in hand, also, the erection of tablets on buildings of historic interest and has recently received from the Government a grant towards the cost of recording the reminiscences of pioneers of the State. The establishment of an Historical Museum has been pressed by the Society, and in May, 1920, an exhibition of historical relics and pictures is being held. A scheme for sending lecturers on historical subjects to the country towns was initiated in 1919, and during that year a number of towns availed themselves of the opportunity. To stimulate the study of Australian history in our schools, the Society awards each year prizes to the value of £20, (donated by members of the Society) for the best papers in Australian history at the Leaving Certificate Examination.

The subscription to the Society is :                                £ s. d.

Gentlemen (per annum)                                                  10 0
Ladies and Minors (receiving the Journal) per annum            10 0
Ladies and Minors (not receiving the Journal) per annum        5 0
Life Membership                                                        10 10 0
Benefactorship (Minimum)                                           21   0 0


I am indebted to a number of good friends for assistance in preparing this story of George Street more particularly to Mr. Henry Selkirk and Mr. J. M. Forde who have given me the benefit of their extensive knowledge of Old Sydney. The Mitchell Library and its courteous staff have aided me greatly. To Mr. John Weingarth, L.S., Mr. William Dixson and Mr. A. G. Foster, I am indebted for assistance in tracing the histories of individual sites and to a number of correspondents, including Mr. D. L. Dymock of Brisbane, and Mr. W. G. Robertson of Hobart, who favoured me with reminiscences during the publication of the articles in the "Sydney Mail." My thanks are tendered also to Messrs. John Fairfax and Sons, Ltd.. for permission to reprint the articles and to the Editor of the "Sydney Mail" for his sympathetic interest. Since the publication of the story in that journal the matter has been revised and amplified.

Charles Bertie